Chevy Chase Merry Mishap: ‘Christmas Vacation’ Star’s Onstage Tumble

Chevy Chase Merry Mishap: Chevy Chase found himself in a bit of a tumble during a festive ‘Christmas Vacation’ event, but rest assured, despite a momentary mishap offstage, the star’s spirits remain high.

During a screening of the iconic National Lampoon holiday classic at Buffalo’s Shea’s Performing Arts Center, Chevy was engaging with fans when a peculiar moment unfolded. The Q&A session took an unexpected turn as Chevy, initially wheeled out onstage, promptly stood up to approach the crowd. However, in an unforeseen misstep, he inadvertently ventured a bit too far and momentarily vanished from view as he stepped off the stage.

Chevy Chase Merry Mishap (1)

With assistance from his wife, Jayni, and the event’s host, Chevy swiftly returned to his seat onstage. In a lighthearted moment, his smartwatch humorously chimed in, expressing concern for his fall. Despite the hiccup, Chevy persisted through the event, even sporting an icepack on his knee, yet graciously remained to take photos with fans and engage in the Q&A session.

According to close sources, it appears Chevy simply misjudged the stage’s edge, attributing the incident to the overpowering stage lights that obscured his view. Fortunately, apart from a bruised knee, he’s doing just fine.

In the realm of holiday mishaps, this stage tumble might indeed pale in comparison to Clark Griswold’s Christmas lights misadventures!

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Our Reader’s Queries

What did Chevy Chase break in Christmas Vacation?

Chevy Chase broke his pinky finger while punching Santa Claus. He then switched to kicking and clubbing the decorations. The cameras kept rolling and the scene made it into the final cut.

Why did Cousin Eddie stop eating squirrel?

Catherine, Eddie’s wife, replied, “Eddie hasn’t been eating squirrels lately. He learned that they’re high in cholesterol.” Clark Griswold asked, “Where’s Eddie? He usually eats these things.”

Why does Clark Griswold lisp in Christmas Vacation?

The cold makes Clark lisp, but the best part of the season is being with family and friends, snuggled up and cozy.

What happened to Merry from Christmas Vacation?

Mary from Christmas Vacation is currently focusing on being a single mother to her daughter. In the past, Nicolette was involved with Jellybean Benitez in 1988 and also had a relationship with American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Sean Penn.

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