Jeannie Mai Divorce Journey: Navigating Heartbreak, Embracing Motherhood

Jeannie Mai Divorce Journey: Jeannie Mai Jenkins candidly discussed the challenges of her recent divorce from rapper Jeezy on a recent episode of ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show.’ Opening up about the emotional journey, Mai Jenkins expressed the complexity of dealing with the split “day by day.”

Reflecting on the past year, she shared, “Even though this year, I met the most broken version of me. I also met the strongest version of me.” The former co-host of ‘The Real’ acknowledged the difficulties of the divorce, revealing that she learned about Jeezy filing for divorce at the same time as the public.

Discussing her current state, Mai Jenkins said, “So today, it’s about picking up the pieces. It’s about discovering me and being a mom to the best blessing in my life, my little girl,” referring to her daughter Monaco, born in January 2022. She emphasized the joy of motherhood, describing Monaco as her “everything” and expressed gratitude for the gift of reparenting herself through her daughter.

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As the holiday season approaches, Mai Jenkins shared her plans to take Monaco to her hometown of San Jose, California, for Christmas. She highlighted the vibrant cultural mix of San Jose, expressing excitement for Monaco to experience the diverse influences. Mai Jenkins also emphasized the significance of her daughter witnessing the family’s history, including their modest beginnings in a small home with 15 people.

Addressing the complexities of co-parenting, Mai Jenkins mentioned that Monaco will spend time with both parents during the holidays, ensuring she experiences both sides of the family.

This appearance comes after Mai Jenkins alleged infidelity on Jeezy’s part in court documents filed in November. Despite the challenging circumstances, Jeezy, in a statement, expressed his continued love and respect for Jeannie, emphasizing the decision to end the marriage was made with a heavy heart.

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