Ryan Gosling Festive Remix: ‘I’m Just Ken’ Sparks Holiday Magic in Barbie World

Ryan Gosling Festive Remix: Eva Mendes recently shared a sneak peek into the creative realm of her longtime love, Ryan Gosling, and music producer Mark Ronson. In a video posted by Mendes, Gosling and Ronson are seen in the studio, presumably working on a new rendition of their song “I’m Just Ken” from the blockbuster.

Set against the backdrop of a Christmas tree, the duo is engrossed in manipulating a mixing board, accompanied by a remix of the track infused with a touch of holiday magic. As the clip concludes, the screen lights up with the words “I’m Just Ken / Merry Kristmas Barbie,” teasing a release date of Wednesday, Dec. 20, and a nod to Barbie the Album.

Mendes, a supportive partner, has consistently cheered on Gosling as he embraced his role as Ken in Barbie this year. From reposting accolades from the movie’s director Greta Gerwig to proudly showcasing Gosling’s face on her T-shirt, Mendes has been an unwavering pillar of encouragement.

In an Access Hollywood interview during the movie’s world premiere in July, Gosling expressed his gratitude for Mendes’ support, emphasizing that it meant everything to him. Even Gosling’s choice of jewelry, a pendant with the letter E for Eva, symbolized his affection for Mendes.

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The couple, together since 2011, has not tied the knot but shares two children, Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 7. Barbie, released in July, soared to become the highest-grossing film of 2023, crossing $1.44 billion worldwide and earning the title of Warner Bros.’ biggest movie ever.

While there’s no official confirmation of a sequel, Gosling playfully suggested a humorous twist for a potential follow-up during a recent panel conversation in London. Margot Robbie, the film’s co-producer and star, also hinted at the possibility of a Barbie sequel, expressing a mix of pride in the original and cautious excitement about the prospect of continuing the Barbie story.

Barbie enthusiasts can catch the film streaming on Max. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of “I’m Just Ken” on December 20, as Gosling and Ronson infuse new energy into the beloved track.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who sang I’m just Ken?

At the Critics’ Choice Awards, the power ballad featured in the movie Barbie and performed by Ryan Gosling won the best song award. Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, the writers of the song, went on stage to receive the award. During their acceptance speech, Ronson, 48, gave a shoutout to Gosling, 43, who was in the audience.

Who is Ryan Gosling singing?

Ryan Gosling will be serenading the audience with “I’m Just Ken” in the upcoming Barbie movie. Vanity Fair reports that it was Gosling himself who proposed the idea of singing the Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt track.

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