Anyone But You Global Box Office Triumph Surpassing $100 Million Milestone

Anyone But You Global Box Office Triumph: 2024 movies highlight “Anyone But You”‘s growth. A poor opening weekend evolved into a great success for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s romantic comedy. Sony and Columbia Pictures’ film grossed $100 million worldwide after being a surprising hit.

“Anyone But You” is the most successful R-rated romantic comedy since 2016’s “Bridget Jones’ Baby,” a big achievement. The picture earned $100.2 million worldwide. The film grossed $1.740 million Friday and $2.320 million Saturday in the US. Sunday predictions are $1.340 million over 2,928 venues, bringing the weekend total to $5.400 million. By Sunday, domestic earnings hit $64.222 million.

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Internationally, “Anyone But You” continued to captivate audiences, amassing $10.6 million over the weekend. This brings its total international revenue to $36.0 million. Notably, the film sustained its success in existing markets, experiencing only a 14% drop in earnings. The film’s unexpected triumph contrasts sharply with its modest $7 million opening alongside notable competitors like “Migration,” “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” and “The Iron Claw” on Christmas Day last year.

The heart of the narrative revolves around the characters Bea and Ben, portrayed by the striking duo of Sweeney and Powell. Their enchanting encounter and subsequent misadventure create a compelling storyline, weaving together romance and humor. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Sydney, Australia, the film features key supporting roles played by Rachel Griffiths and Dermot Mulroney. Notably, it reintroduces Natasha Bedingfield’s hit “Unwritten,” a musical element that has found resonance on TikTok.

“Anyone But You” continues its successful run in theaters globally, defying initial expectations and proving to be a true word-of-mouth sensation. Stay tuned to Collider for further updates on this unexpected triumph in the world of romantic comedies.

FAQ About Anyone But You Global Box Office Triumph

How much did it cost to make anyone but you?

2.5 crores USD

Is Anyone But You the movie based on a book?

The film loosely adapts Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Is there a movie called Anyone But You?

Anyone but You” (2023) is a romantic comedy film featuring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, directed by Will Gluck. The screenplay, co-written with Ilana Wolpert, is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Is Anyone But You a good movie?

Anyone But You” delivers a modern rom-com, cleverly reimagining Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney showcase undeniable chemistry, offering solid laughs and fulfilling expectations for a delightful romantic comedy.

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