Christie Brinkley 70th Birthday: Reflections, Ambitions, and Timeless Ventures

Christie Brinkley 70th Birthday: Approaching her significant 70th birthday milestone, Christie Brinkley candidly shares her reflections on this pivotal moment in her life. The iconic supermodel, whose birthday falls on Feb. 2, speaks to PEOPLE about the depth of emotion and reverence she feels as she stands on the cusp of this age.

In her interview for this week’s issue, Brinkley draws parallels between turning 70 and the introspection that comes with reaching 50. She describes it as a time to simultaneously reflect on the past and gaze into the future, a phase marked by a “steady march” that carries its own weight.

Addressing the looming giant block numbers associated with turning 70, Brinkley acknowledges the shadow cast over the preceding decade, beginning at 62, where the realization of nearing 70 influenced her perspective.

Rather than allowing this realization to overshadow her outlook, Brinkley shares that she contemplated how to make this moment truly “special.” While initially envisioning a grand celebration over the past five years, her busy life and entrepreneurial pursuits, such as Bellissima, the certified organic wine brand, and the collaboration with Xcel Brands Inc. for the TWRHLL lifestyle and apparel brand, took precedence.

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Reflecting on her ventures, Brinkley expresses a passion for creating timeless pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. Emphasizing an environmentally conscious approach, she seeks to design classic items with a subtle modern touch to ensure wearers feel both timeless and current.

Beyond fashion, Brinkley’s aspirations for TWRHLL extend to making a positive impact. She envisions using the success of her ventures to contribute and give back to those in need, embracing a philanthropic ethos.

Retirement is a concept that doesn’t occupy Brinkley’s thoughts; she expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work each day, emphasizing how it keeps her feeling current. Her goal is clear—to embrace each day with vigor, charging ahead, and pursuing and living her dreams to the fullest.


Are Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley still friends?

Supermodel Christie Brinkley’s marriage to iconic musician Billy Joel concluded in August 1994. The union produced a daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, born on December 29, 1985. Despite their divorce, Brinkley and Joel maintain a close and amicable friendship

Was Christie Brinkley adopted?

Christie Brinkley, born to Herbert and Marjorie Hudson, moved to the Los Angeles area after her parents’ divorce. Her mother’s marriage to TV writer Don Brinkley led to Christie’s adoption by him

Was Christie Brinkley in a plane crash?

Christie Brinkley, along with five others, experienced a helicopter crash during a heli-skiing trip near Telluride, Colorado, in 1994, occurring at an altitude of over 12,000 feet.

What happened to Christie Brinkley ex husband?

Architect Peter Cook, ex-husband of Christie Brinkley and father to Sailor and adoptive father to Jack, marries Alba Jancou in the Hamptons, marking their union after nearly four years of engagement

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