Colman Domingo Cast as Joe Jackson: Unraveling Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Colman Domingo Cast as Joe Jackson: Fresh from securing his inaugural Oscar nod, Colman Domingo steps into the role of Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, in the upcoming biopic “Michael,” helmed by Antoine Fuqua.

Following the revelation that Jaafar, Jackson’s real-life nephew, will portray the King of Pop, Domingo expresses excitement about the cast during an exclusive chat with Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. The film promises to unravel Michael Jackson’s intricate soul and his profound impact on global music and culture.

Domingo, a nominee for Best Actor for his portrayal of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin in “Rustin,” underscores the richness of his character as Joe Jackson. Acknowledging the complexity of Jackson’s legacy, marked by allegations and stories of abuse, Domingo’s casting amplifies anticipation for the film.

Graham King, the producer, praises Domingo’s undeniable talent and on-screen presence. Antoine Fuqua commends Domingo’s incredible range and ability to delve into the essence of characters, emphasizing his gratitude for working with an actor of such passion.

The film commenced production on January 22, as revealed by Jaafar on Instagram. The biopic promises an honest portrayal of Michael Jackson’s triumphs, tragedies, and creative genius on an epic cinematic scale.

Domingo’s 2024 calendar is packed, with executive production credits for the horror film “It’s What’s Inside” and roles in Ethan Coen’s “Drive-Away Dolls” and Greg Kewdar’s “Sing Sing.”

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“Michael,” produced by Graham King, is set to captivate audiences on April 18, 2025, offering an intimate look into the life of one of the world’s most influential artists. Lionsgate handles domestic distribution, while Universal Pictures International oversees global territories, excluding Japan.

Colman Domingo, a force in Hollywood, is making waves not just on-screen but behind the scenes, solidifying his mark in the industry.

FAQ About Colman Domingo Cast as Joe Jackson

Why did the Jackson 5 call their dad Joseph?

In the late 1980s, Joseph Jackson’s image as a father suffered as media reports detailed allegations of abuse from his children. He allegedly insisted on being called Joseph, leading to estrangement from some siblings

What ethnicity is Colman Domingo?

Colman Domingo creates history as the first Afro-Latino nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars 2024. His role in “Rustin” earns him a groundbreaking nomination, celebrating his Belizean and Guatemalan heritage.

What is the movie about Michael Jackson growing up?

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story” (2004) is a biographical drama depicting the life of pop star Michael Jackson. Flex Alexander portrays Jackson, tracing his journey to stardom and key events.

Why is Colman Domingo famous?

Colman Domingo earned a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in Drama Series for his role in “Euphoria” (2022). Additionally, he garnered Tony and Olivier Award nominations for “The Scottsboro Boys.”

What movies did Colman Domingo play in?

Colman Domingo, known for “Rustin,” takes on the role of Mister in “The Color Purple” musical film. In 2025, he features in Ethan Coen’s “Drive-Away Dolls” and Greg Kewdar’s “Sing Sing.”

When did Colman Domingo start acting?

Colman Domingo, a Temple University journalism graduate, transitioned to acting in San Francisco. His film debut was in 1999’s “Around the Fire,” co-starring with Eric Mabius and Tara Reid.

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