Dark Secrets in Tarot Movie Unleashed by Jacob Batalon’s

Dark Secrets in Tarot Movie: Caution echoes through the air as mischievous teens unearth a mysterious party game, paying little heed to the safeguards against supernatural consequences. It’s a familiar setup, and “Tarot” is the latest addition to this chilling narrative, as revealed in its newly released trailer.

The cast is led by Jacob Batalon, renowned for his role as Ned in Marvel’s Spider-Man movies. The film, initially titled “Horrorscope,” now goes by the more fitting, if less provocative, name “Tarot.” The recently unveiled trailer effectively establishes the ominous ambiance, but for clarity, here’s the plot synopsis: “When a group of friends brazenly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings—never using someone else’s deck—they unwittingly unleash an indescribable evil imprisoned within the cursed cards. Confronting fate one by one, they find themselves in a race against death, attempting to evade the future foretold in their readings.”

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“Tarot” joins the ranks of recent films like “Talk to Me,” “Ouija,” “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” and the Hulu Into the Dark episode “Uncanny Annie.” It follows in the footsteps of cult classics like “Witchboard,” which has a remake in development. These tales serve as cautionary reminders, warning restless youths to steer clear of otherworldly experiments, particularly when intertwined with games. The unforeseen consequences can be dire, reminiscent of Regan’s ill-fated encounters with Captain Howdy in “The Exorcist.” While we eagerly await updates on the Magic 8 Ball movie currently in development, “Tarot” is set to unfold its ominous story in May.


What is the movie tarot about?

In the film, “Tarot,” Cara, facing her fiance’s disappearance, revisits her traumatic past with tarot cards inherited from her grandmother to seek answers and locate him.

Tarot 2024 movie release date

The film “Tarot” underwent a release date change from June 28, 2024, to May 10, 2024, strategically avoiding competition with “A Quiet Place: Day One

Can Jacob Batalon speak Tagalog?

The individual, born in Honolulu to Filipino parents, lacks fluency in Tagalog but has comprehension. They dropped out of Kapi’olani Community College, where they studied music theory.

How did Jacob Batalon lose weight?

Actor Jacob Batalon revamped his lifelong habits, adopting a rigorous gym routine of 90 minutes, six days a week. This strategic change facilitated sustainable and rapid weight loss, as revealed in a Men’s Health interview.

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