Emma Stone Golden Globes Win: Taylor Swift’s Energetic Support

Emma Stone Golden Globes Win: Emma Stone opened up about her enduring bond with Taylor Swift, celebrating their friendship after her triumphant win at the 2024 Golden Globes. Swift energetically cheered as Stone clinched the best actress award for her role in “Poor Things.” The “Midnights” star shared her table with Keleigh Teller, wife of actor Miles Teller.

When asked about Swift’s spirited support, Stone playfully quipped, “What an a–hole, am I right?” acknowledging Swift’s enthusiastic cheers. “I’ve known her for almost 20 years, so I’m thrilled she was there,” she added, emphasizing her joy at Swift’s presence and nomination that night.

Despite Swift’s “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” being nominated for cinematic excellence, Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” secured the win, marking Swift’s fifth nomination at the television and film awards.

During the evening, Swift enjoyed the company of close friends like Emma Stone, Keleigh Teller, Selena Gomez, while her NFL beau, Travis Kelce, attended the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Swift and Stone’s friendship, rooted since their teenage years starting in 2008, holds a special place for both. Swift shared with Access Hollywood in 2012 the significance of their enduring bond amidst life’s changes.

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Stone, portraying Bella Baxter in “Poor Things,” debuted the film at the Venice Film Festival in September, hitting U.S. theaters on Dec. 8. At the Golden Globes, the 35-year-old actress highlighted how her character diverged from her previous roles, focusing on unlearning rather than drawing from her personal experiences for inspiration.

“It was about shedding life experiences rather than drawing from them,” Stone reflected, emphasizing the character’s uniqueness and the freeing process of exploring new depths in her craft.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How many Golden Globes has Emma Stone won?

Emma Stone, 35, is proudly holding onto the two new Golden Globes she recently won. At the 2024 Golden Globes, she was recognized as the best film actress in a comedy or musical for her performance in Poor Things. She also received another award for producing the movie, as it was named best picture in a musical or comedy.

What movie did Emma win a Golden Globe for?

Emma Stone took home the prestigious Golden Globe for her outstanding performance as Bella in Poor Things, earning her the title of best actress in a musical or comedy.

What female has won the most Golden Globes?

Barbra Streisand has racked up an impressive 22 Golden Globe nominations, taking home the prize 13 times.

Who won best female actress at the Golden Globes?

Lily Gladstone received the award for her performance as Mollie Kyle in Killers of the Flower Moon (2023).

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