Erin Moriarty Leaves Instagram: A Stand Against False Allegations

Erin Moriarty Leaves Instagram: “The Boys” star Erin Moriarty has opted to leave Instagram following what she described as “verbal abuse,” which she attributes to comments made by television personality Megyn Kelly regarding Moriarty’s appearance.

On a recent episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” broadcast on SiriusXM and YouTube, Kelly showcased photos of Moriarty while discussing society’s preoccupation with cosmetic procedures.

Moriarty, renowned for portraying superhero Starlight in the Prime Video series “The Boys,” addressed the comments in a detailed statement on her Instagram, deeming Kelly’s remarks as “horrific allegations” and characterizing the segment as “misinformed” and “inaccurate.”

Expressing her decision to take an “extensive if not permanent break” from social media due to the escalating harassment, Moriarty emphasized the severity of the comments she received.

In the segment, Kelly, admitting she hadn’t watched “The Boys,” asserted that the actress had “decided to completely change her face,” featuring two photos of Moriarty.

Addressing Kelly’s statements, Moriarty clarified that one photo was taken “over a decade ago,” and the second was from an event where professional makeup artists applied makeup with “major contouring.”

Recalling her experience at the event, Moriarty shared that she felt uplifted after the makeup application, despite a challenging day. She expressed her disappointment in the reductive assumptions and false information perpetuated by the segment.

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CNN reached out to Kelly’s representative for comment on whether Kelly contacted Moriarty before referencing her on the show and if Kelly stands by her comments. The representative did not respond.

Moriarty emphasized that the verbal abuse, deletion of comments, and false information contribute to an exhibitionist feminism message, condemning the reaction and assumptions surrounding the incident.

Despite leaving Instagram, Moriarty chose not to deactivate her account, ensuring that her statement remains publicly accessible.

FAQ About Erin Moriarty Leaves Instagram

What did Megyn Kelly say about Moriarty?

Megyn Kelly, on her show, compared recent photos of Erin Moriarty, alleging a drastic change through plastic surgery within the last year. The discussion delved into Moriarty’s evolving appearance.

Does Erin Moriarty have social media?

Erin Moriarty announces her departure from Instagram and social media, citing an extended, if not permanent, break. She expresses her decision and intention for users to view her statement before deactivation.

Is Erin Moriarty her real name?

Erin Moriarty, born June 24, 1994, is an American actress recognized for her portrayal of Starlight in “The Boys” (2019–present). Notable prior roles include “Jessica Jones,” “True Detective,” and “Red Widow.

What is Erin Moriarty in?

Erin Moriarty played a lead role as Kelly in “The Miracle Season” (2018) alongside Helen Hunt. Since 2019, she has been a co-star in Amazon Prime’s “The Boys.”

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