Ferrari Digital Release Date Michael Mann’s Racing Epic Available from January 23

Ferrari Digital Release Date: After its August Venice Film Festival debut and December theatrical release, Michael Mann’s “Ferrari” will be released digitally on January 23 and on Blu-ray/DVD on March 12.

Based on Brock Yates’ biography “Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine,” Mann’s “Ferrari” takes place in 1957’s summer. Adam Driver plays the legendary racer and entrepreneur who struggles to save his business from bankruptcy, divorce, and the death of his kid. Ferrari’s risky wager on the 1,000-mile Mile Miglia in Italy is crucial. As Laura Ferrari, Penélope Cruz is supported by Shailene Woodley, Gabriel Leone, Sarah Gadon, Jack O’Connell, Patrick Dempsey, and Giuseppe Bonifati. Mann shot the film in Ferrari’s hometown of Modena.

Despite the film premiering amid the SAG-AFTRA strike, the cast, given the indie nature of the movie distributed by Neon, was technically permitted to engage in press activities. Adam Driver, the standout star, attended the Venice premiere and made headlines during the film’s press conference by staunchly defending the SAG-AFTRA waivers that enabled his participation in the festival and promotional activities.

During the press conference, Driver questioned the disparity, asking why smaller distribution companies like Neon and STX International could meet SAG’s demands while larger entities like Netflix and Amazon seemingly could not. He emphasized the support garnered from SAG for movies meeting the interim agreement terms, emphasizing a collaborative approach in the industry.

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Variety praised “Ferrari” in its Venice review, describing it as “gripping and masterful,” noting its heady, intricately dark, and raptly absorbing qualities.

Starting January 23, viewers can rent or purchase “Ferrari” on Prime Video and Apple TV+, bringing Mann’s captivating portrayal of Enzo Ferrari to digital audiences.

FAQ About Ferrari Digital Release Date

Is Ferrari a good movie?

Ferrari showcases captivating sequences but falters in story coherence. Strong performances elevate it, though occasional distracting visual effects are noted. Overall, the film exudes undeniable integrity and a ‘Manntastic’ quality.”

What is the new Ferrari movie about?

The paper delves into the 1957 summer, detailing Enzo Ferrari’s preparations for the Mille Miglia race amidst personal and professional challenges. His emotional turmoil with estranged wife Laura over their deceased son, Dino, adds complexity.

Is Ferrari movie based on true story?

Michael Mann’s film on Enzo Ferrari focuses on a specific period, yet elements align with historical accuracy. The portrayal of Ferrari’s dual relationships with a wife and mistress, resulting in a son, holds true.

Why is Ferrari movie rated R?

The film runs for 124 minutes, holding an R rating for violence, graphic images, sexual content, and language. It is slated for theater release in December.

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