Home Alone McCallister House: Unraveling the Surprising Connection to Friends’ Mondler

Home Alone McCallister House: A delightful television Easter egg might have just been unearthed, linking the beloved McCallister family from Home Alone with the iconic cast of Friends.

This week, an Instagram user named Scott Westwood shared a fascinating theory: “Chandler and Monica from Friends moved into the McAllister’s house from Home Alone.” His video cleverly merged scenes from the 1990 holiday film with footage of “Mondler” in their house, showcasing the Home Alone residence visible through their window.

Remarkably, the video gained incredible traction, amassing a whopping 14.4 million views and counting. Even more intriguing, it caught the attention of Daren Janes, a user who claimed to be the art director on Friends. “This is hilarious. You caught me,” Janes admitted in a comment. He shared the behind-the-scenes scoop, revealing that the house was a set, and the exterior was provided by Pacific Studios, initially designed for Home Alone due to its ideal appearance through the door and windows. Fans lauded Westwood’s keen observation, as Janes’ comment earned over 103,000 likes and nearly 400 comments.

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Despite debuting in November 1990, interest in the Home Alone house remains enduring. Recently, The New York Times delved into the real cost for the McAllister family to live in the grand home today. This iconic property in Winnetka, Ill. even had a unique stint as an Airbnb, equipped with booby traps akin to those used by Kevin in the holiday classic.

Financial experts revealed that in 1990, affording the McCallister family home would have been feasible only for the top 1% of Chicago households, with an income around $305,000 (equivalent to $665,000 in 2022).

In a delightful throwback, Laura Abendshien, a former resident whose family’s home served as the filming location, reminisced during an interview with the U.K. morning show This Morning. She shared amusing anecdotes about Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin, using her room for study sessions with his tutor while his brother Keiran hung out during filming breaks.

Abendshien expressed her surprise at the enduring legacy of her family’s home, mirroring the unexpected popularity of the Friends two-bedroom apartment, transformed into a rental space in collaboration with Booking.com in 2021. The New York City flagship offered fans “The Ultimate Sleepover at The Friends Experience” for a symbolic $19.94, paying homage to the sitcom’s debut year.

Isn’t it amazing how these iconic locations continue to captivate fans, making their mark across generations?

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Our Reader’s Queries

Where is the McCallister house in Home Alone?

The iconic “Home Alone” house is a fully functional residence to this day. Situated at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois, the neighborhood is known for being one of the priciest in the country, as stated by the New York Times. Zillow lists the property as having 10 bedrooms, six bathrooms, and covering an impressive 5,398 square feet.

Can I visit the Home Alone house?

Fans of the cult hit flock to the actual house in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka. Located at 671 Lincoln Ave., the famous movie home is not for sale and does not welcome visitors. Despite this, the public still stops by to take pictures.

How much was the Home Alone house worth in 1990?

Peter (John Heard) and Kate McCallister (Catherine O’Hara) would have needed to make at least $305,000 per year in 1990 (equivalent to about $665,000 in 2022) to afford their North shore Chicago home. According to Zillow, the house is now valued at around $2.4 million in 2022.

How much is the house from Home Alone worth?

In 2023, Kevin’s house is now estimated to be worth almost 371% more, coming in at a whopping $2.3 million (£1.8m).

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