Jacob Elordi Shares Moment of Awe: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Praise and SNL Hosting Anticipation

Jacob Elordi Shares Moment: On a recent appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ rising star Jacob Elordi spilled the beans about a surprising encounter with none other than the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. The 26-year-old Euphoria actor shared the exciting news with host Jimmy Fallon, revealing DiCaprio’s admiration for his work.

Amidst discussions about the hit drama series, Elordi casually dropped the bombshell, saying, “The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which sounds like a crazy name-drop and it is a crazy name-drop.” With a hint of disbelief, he continued to recount the moment DiCaprio approached him in a club when he was much younger.

In the midst of the loud venue, DiCaprio took the time to praise Euphoria’s camera work and a particular shot featuring Elordi in the first season. Fallon, acknowledging DiCaprio’s status as one of the greatest actors of all time, received an enthusiastic agreement from Elordi, who dubbed him the “GOAT (Greatest of All Time).”

Amid the exchange, Elordi also touched upon the filming of the upcoming season of Euphoria, expressing uncertainty about the schedule but humorously suggesting they might need to “Benjamin Button” him if it takes too long. The actor joked about potential back problems from walking down hallways in the show and pondered the possibility of a forward progression in the series.

The interview didn’t stop there; Elordi delved into his role in the movie Saltburn, directed by Emerald Fennell, which earned him two BAFTA nominations. He expressed gratitude for being listed alongside icons like Robert De Niro and Paul Mescal, emphasizing his admiration for these accomplished actors.

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In a light-hearted moment, a promotional video for Elordi’s upcoming hosting debut on Saturday Night Live showcased the actor playfully grappling with nerves. Despite stumbling down the SNL staircase in the clip, Elordi maintained a good-humored attitude, adding to the anticipation surrounding his hosting gig.

While the actor’s professional life is buzzing with success, the discussion also touched upon his romantic relationship. Contrary to breakup rumors, sources confirmed that Elordi is still romantically involved with Olivia Jade Giannulli. The couple faced speculation in August 2022 but later reconciled, even enjoying a vacation in Italy in June 2023. As Elordi takes the SNL stage, Giannulli is reportedly in New York City, standing by her man and showing support for his latest endeavors.

FAQ About Jacob Elordi Shares Moment of Awe

How rich is Jacob Elordi?

In 2023, Jacob Elordi’s net worth stands at $4 million, a significant rise from the reported ” $400–$800″ in his bank account before securing his role in Euphoria in 2019.

How long did Jacob Elordi date Zendaya?

Zendaya (August 2019–early 2020)

What happened to Jacob Elordi and Zendaya?

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi’s romantic relationship seemingly ended in spring 2020, evolving into a friendly dynamic. Elordi congratulated Zendaya on her historic Emmy win in September 2020 via Instagram.

How many girlfriends has Jacob Elordi had?

Jacob Elordi’s Full Dating History: Zendaya, Kaia Gerber, Joey King, And Olivia Jade.

Who does Jacob Elordi date in Euphoria?

Jacob Elordi might have a thing for dating co-stars – his next serious relationship was with none other than fashion icon and Euphoria actress Zendaya, who plays Rue in the HBO drama.

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