John Candy Missed Role: A Sweet What-If in the Stephen King Universe

John Candy Missed Role: In the captivating world of Stephen King adaptations from the 1990s, there’s a little-known twist that could have given a beloved film a completely different flavor. Imagine, if you will, the 1996 movie “Thinner” starring none other than the late, great John Candy. Yes, you read that right—Candy was the original choice for the lead role, as revealed by producer Mitchell Galin in a commentary track on the Scream Factory Blu-ray release.

Galin spilled the beans on this intriguing casting what-if, sharing that an offer had indeed been extended to Candy before the actor’s untimely demise in 1994. The twist in the tale? Candy wasn’t interested. Galin, with a light-hearted touch, recollected, “We did reach out to [John] Candy’s people. Steve’s comment was like, ‘We’ll pay him a nice chunk of money, and we’ll save his life.’ (laughs).” However, the comedic maestro either had a busy schedule or simply didn’t vibe with the material, leaving the production team to swiftly pivot to their next course of action.

Galin’s attitude towards Candy’s decision was one of nonchalance, acknowledging that sometimes creative decisions are as unpredictable as they come. “I really have no idea. At some point, you put it out there, if it doesn’t get the response you want, at the end of the day, I really don’t care,” he explained, emphasizing the fluid nature of such matters.

Reflecting on Candy’s disinterest, Galin mused, “The fact is he didn’t spark to the material or didn’t want to do it; whatever the reason, you respect it, and you go, ‘These people make decisions all the time, make those creative decisions.’” Thus, the journey to find the lead took a different route, eventually landing on Robert Burke, who took on the weighty role in “Thinner.”

John Candy Missed Role (1)For those unfamiliar, “Thinner,” based on Stephen King‘s 1984 novel, weaves a tale of an overweight attorney who accidentally causes a woman’s death and becomes cursed by her family, leading to a relentless and rapid weight loss. Robert John Burke stepped into the shoes that could have belonged to Candy, and although the film gained a cult following over time, its initial reception was less than stellar.

As we reminisce about what could have been, the story behind John Candy’s almost-starring role in “Thinner” adds another layer to the legacy of a comedic legend. Even in the realm of what-ifs, Candy’s absence is keenly felt, as fans and colleagues continue to cherish the memories of the actor who left an indelible mark on the world of comedy.

FAQ About John Candy Missed Role

What was John Candy’s last movie role?

John Candy, known for iconic roles, filmed the comedy “Canadian Bacon” in the mid-’90s and the western spoof “Wagons East” in Mexico. Tragically, he suffered a fatal heart attack in 1994.

How did John Candy get his start?

At 22, he joined The Second City Toronto, later joining SCTV’s ensemble in 1976. The show’s rapid success led to an NBC pickup in 1981, reaching new heights and earning two writing Emmys.

What was the cause of John Candy’s death?

John Candy passed away in his sleep at 43 while filming Wagons East in Durango City, Mexico. The cause of death was confirmed as a heart attack, as reported by a spokesperson.

How heavy was John Candy when he died?

John Candy, weighing around 325 pounds at the time of his death, grappled with obesity throughout his life and career, reaching over 350 pounds at his heaviest.

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