Migration Digital Release Date: Illumination’s Hilarious Family Adventure Available from January 23, 2024

Migration Digital Release Date: Illumination Entertainment, an animation studio that seemingly emerged out of nowhere, boasts an impressive journey led by founder and producer Chris Meledandri, known for works like “Titan A.E.” and “Ice Age.” The studio burst onto the scene with the delightful “Despicable Me,” introducing a captivating concept by director Sergio Pablos (of “Klaus” fame) and unleashing the global phenomenon, the Minions – whether their impact is positive or negative is a matter of personal perspective.

In just 17 years, Illumination has mastered a formula, finely tuned to produce some of the highest-grossing animated movies in history. Their remarkable success, commercially speaking, is attributed to a focus on hit songs and broad humor. After the triumph of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” Illumination surprised audiences with a departure from its usual fare, presenting a film unlike anything in its franchise-heavy portfolio – “Migration.”

Scripted by Mike White, the creator of “The White Lotus,” and helmed by acclaimed French cartoonist and animator Benjamin Renner (“Ernest & Celestine”), “Migration” stands as animation’s answer to a “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie. It injects a hilarious family dynamic at its core, coupled with dazzling animation. While opinions on the film may differ (as noted by /Film’s Josh Spiegel), it undeniably stands out in Illumination’s repertoire.

For those who missed the theatrical run or wish to relive the experience, Illumination has announced the digital release date for “Migration.” Starting tomorrow, January 23, 2024, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will exclusively offer the film for purchase or rental on digital platforms. Despite this digital availability, “Migration” continues to grace theaters, maintaining a comfortable fifth place at the domestic box office, ensuring ample screening opportunities.

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Similar to the best family road trip movies, “Migration” unfolds the tale of an overprotective parent reluctantly embarking on a grand vacation with the family, navigating through a series of comedic mishaps.

While awaiting Illumination’s revelation of its next animated venture based on a Nintendo property, audiences can savor the animated charm of “Migration” from the comfort of their homes or catch it on the big screen, relishing its unique position in Illumination’s diverse filmography.

FAQ About Migration Digital Release Date

How can I stream Migration movie?

Catch “Migration” online in the US through platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. Alternatively, opt to rent or purchase on iTunes or Google Play. Access on-demand or via cable app

When was Migration released?

Scheduled for release on December 22, 2023, the film is set to hit the big screens, generating anticipation among audiences eager for its cinematic debut

Will Migration be on Netflix?

Due to the Netflix-Universal deal, “Migration” is set for streaming on Netflix in the United States. Following past release patterns, it’s anticipated to be accessible for streaming by August 2024.

Is Migration on Disney plus?

Contrary to speculation, “Migration” won’t be available on Disney+. Instead, it’s slated for distribution on Peacock and Netflix after its theatrical release.

Who is the villain in Migration?

The Chef assumes the role of the primary antagonist in Illumination’s 14th feature film, “Migration.” Positioned as a central figure, the character plays a key role in the narrative.

Is migrations going to be a movie?

Illumination revealed ‘Migration’ in February 2022, appointing Renner, Homsy, and White as director, co-director, and writer. Renner, known for traditional animation, adapted his drawing style for this computer-animated project

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