Orion and the Dark Odyssey: A Kaufman-Infused DreamWorks Delight

Orion and the Dark Odyssey: In the realm of mainstream children’s cinema, the distinctive voice of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, known for his work on gems like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Being John Malkovich,” takes a playful turn. In this DreamWorks/Netflix family animation, Kaufman introduces us to the world of “Orion and the Dark,” a delightful adaptation of a picture book penned by British author Emma Yarlett.

The protagonist, Orion (voiced by Jacob Tremblay), embodies childhood anxieties, fearing everything from classroom interactions to the mysteries of the dark. However, the narrative takes an enchanting twist when the Dark himself (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) pays a visit to Orion’s bedroom. This vast, cloaked figure, with a face shrouded under a hood, insists on taking Orion on a magical night flight across otherworldly landscapes, aiming to prove that the dark isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Kaufman weaves a sweet-natured tale, drawing inspiration from classics like “Monsters Inc” and the Pixar canon. What sets this animated adventure apart is its unpredictability, incorporating elements reminiscent of “Back to the Future” and “Inception.” The story introduces five unique personas, Pixar-abstract-style, each with a role in Orion’s nocturnal escapade.

Insomnia (Nat Faxon), responsible for keeping people awake with insidious thoughts, and Unexplained Noises (Golda Rosheuvel), causing sudden bangs and thumps, add a whimsical touch. Conversely, Quiet (Aparna Nancherla), Sweet Dreams (Angela Bassett),and Sleep (Natasia Demetriou) are Orion’s allies, committed to easing him into peaceful slumber.

Orion and the Dark Odyssey (2)

This film marks a departure for Kaufman, stepping into the family entertainment genre. While hints of his signature metafictional storytelling and subtle nods to other cinematic influences are present, “Orion and the Dark” stands as a heartwarming and imaginative journey into overcoming childhood fears. Released on Netflix on February 2, it promises an endearing experience for both young viewers and those who appreciate Kaufman’s creative evolution.

FAQ About Orion and the Dark Odyssey

Who voices dark in Orion and the Dark?

In the film adaptation of Emma Yarlett’s children’s book, “Orion and the Dark,” the protagonist encounters ‘Dark,’ personifying darkness, fostering a journey of overcoming fears. Paul Walter Hauser lends his voice to the character.

Does Netflix have an animation studio?

Established in March 2018, Netflix Animation, a subsidiary of Netflix Inc., functions as an American animation studio. Specializing in animated content, it engages in the creation of both programs and feature films

Orion and the dark movie release date

Orion and the Dark” is scheduled for release on February 2, 2024, on Netflix, bringing the charming children’s book adaptation to a wider audience through the streaming platform.

Where can I watch Orion and the Dark?

In Netflix’s “Orion and the Dark,” Charlie Kaufman creates a clever and timeless experience for audiences, offering a unique perspective on confronting fears through the story of Orion.

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