Parasite Star Lee Sun-kyun Untimely Death Sparks Urgent Calls for Investigation”

Lee Sun-kyun Untimely Death: Lee Sun-kyun, the talented ‘Parasite,’ died at 48 in an automobile in a Seoul park on December 27, 2023. Bong Joon-ho, the creative director of Parasite, is now calling for a full investigation into Lee’s untimely death alongside other Korean filmmakers and cultural groups.

As details emerged in December, news outlets reported that Lee was discovered lifeless in his car, prompting an immediate outpouring of grief. The investigation took a somber turn as it was revealed that Lee’s family had informed the authorities about a possible suicide note, intensifying the need for answers.

In response to this tragedy, the newly established Association of Solidarity of Cultural Artists has called upon South Korean officials to persist in their investigation. In a statement, the organization emphasized their collective determination to prevent such incidents from occurring again, expressing, “We have all come together under the firm conviction that no such incident should ever take place again, after facing the tragic death of actor Lee Sun-kyun.” Their demands include a thorough probe into the circumstances of Lee’s death, a call for media outlets to exercise responsible journalism, and a plea to authorities to revise laws safeguarding the human rights of artists.

This commitment will be underscored during a press conference scheduled for Friday, where major figures from the South Korean entertainment industry, including Bong Joon-ho, who collaborated with Lee on ‘Parasite,’ are expected to attend.

Lee’s passing unfolded against the backdrop of a months-long police investigation into alleged illegal drug use at the residence of a bar hostess in Seoul. Tragically, Lee was found dead just days after enduring a grueling 19-hour police interview for the third time. Throughout the investigation, Lee maintained his innocence.

Recent developments indicate that two women are now facing potential indictment on charges of blackmailing the late actor, seeking 350 million won ($266,605) in exchange. The alleged blackmail related to Lee’s alleged illegal drug use, which reportedly occurred at the home of a 29-year-old bar hostess. While the two women are currently under further investigation, authorities clarify that they were not accomplices in the alleged blackmail attempts.

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South Korean police officially closed the investigation into Lee’s alleged drug use after his death, which has been deemed an apparent suicide, according to multiple outlets.

Lee Sun-kyun’s screen impact, especially in ‘Parasite,’ is significant. The film Oscar wins for Best Picture and other honors demonstrate Lee’s skill. As we mourn a talented actor, we are reminded of the obstacles celebrities confront and the necessity of supporting artists.


Q: How old is Lee Sun Kyun?

Ans: 48 years (1975–2023)

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Who is the 26 year old daughter of Samsung?

Lee Yoon-hyung, also known as ??? in Korean, was a millionaire from South Korea. She was the daughter of Samsung Group’s Lee Kun-hee. Sadly, she took her own life by hanging herself in her New York City apartment at the young age of 26 on November 18, 2005. This tragic event took place in New York City, U.S.

How old is Lee Sun Kyun?

At 10:30 a.m. on December 27, 2023, authorities discovered Lee’s lifeless body at 48 years old in his car at the road parking lot near Waryong Park in central Seoul. In the passenger seat sat a charcoal briquette, often used in South Korea for suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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