Ricky Stanicky Trailer Unveils John Cena’s Hilarious Role in Prime Video’s Upcoming Comedy

Ricky Stanicky Trailer: In the latest sneak peek of Prime Video’s upcoming comedy “Ricky Stanicky,” John Cena proves to be the steadfast companion Zac Efron never knew he needed.

Directed by Peter Farrelly and set to start streaming on March 7, the Amazon MGM Studios film centers around Dean (Efron) and his two lifelong pals who craft an imaginary friend, Ricky Stanicky, to shoulder the blame for a childhood prank gone awry. Over the years, they continue to attribute their misadventures to this fictional friend until the trio decides to take things up a notch. Enter “Rock Hard” Rod, a struggling actor played by Cena, hired to bring Ricky to life when their significant others express a desire to meet him.

Efron’s character, Dean, tries to assert reality, telling Cena, “Ricky Stanicky isn’t real.” However, Cena seems to embrace the role wholeheartedly, going beyond expectations. When questioned about his commitment, Cena’s character explains, “My job sucked, I had no friends. But now I have all those things.”

Ricky Stanicky Trailer (2)

The ensemble cast includes Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino, Lex Scott Davis, Anja Savcic, Jeff Ross, and William H. Macy. Farrelly, known for his recent directorial efforts like “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” and the Oscar-winning “Green Book,” directed the film from a script credited to Farrelly, Jeff Bushell, Brian Jarvis, James Lee Freeman, Pete Jones, and Mike Cerrone.

“Ricky Stanicky” has undergone an extensive development process, with Bushell’s original script earning a place on the Black List in 2010. The project previously had stars like James Franco and Jim Carrey attached for the titular role.

Zac Efron, praised for his role in last year’s “The Iron Claw,” shares the screen with John Cena, who showcased his versatility in a range of 2023 film titles, including “Fast X,” “Barbie,” and “Vacation Friends 2.” Cena is set to appear in the upcoming spy comedy “Argylle.”

FAQ About Ricky Stanicky Trailer

Where can I watch Ricky Stanicky?

John Cena stars as Zac Efron’s newfound best friend in the comedy film Ricky Stanicky, directed by Peter Farrelly. The Amazon MGM Studios feature is set to stream on March 7.

What movie is Andrew Santino and John Cena in?

In the trailer for Ricky Stanicky, Zac Efron’s character collaborates with friends (Andrew Santino and Jermaine Fowler) on a scheme involving a fictional character, Ricky, to deceive their spouses for a getaway. The film stars Zac Efron and John Cena.

Cast of Ricky Stanicky

  • Zac Efron
  • John Cena
  • Jim Carrey
  • Andrew Santino
  • Anja Savcic
  • Jermaine Fowler
  • Lex Scott Davis
  • William H. Macy
  • Nathan Jones
  • Jane Badler
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