Sometimes I Think About Dying”: A Cinematic Puzzle Unfolds

Sometimes I Think About Dying: In the heart of “Sometimes I Think About Dying,” Fran, portrayed by Daisy Ridley, emerges as the central figure, shrouded in mystery. A film that breaks convention, Fran maintains silence until 22 minutes in, delivering her first words with an air of matter-of-factness: “I’m Fran. I like cottage cheese.” The setting is an office meeting where individuals introduce themselves through their favorite foods, a moment of banality that introduces an intriguing character.

Residing in a quaint Pacific Northwest town, Fran spends her days engrossed in office tasks, surrounded by mundane chatter. She’s virtually invisible in this tight-knit group, capturing the essence of office life, from the routine to the excitement over shared donuts. Evenings unfold predictably with wine, cottage cheese, Sudoku, and bedtime—a cycle that persists. Yet, Fran harbors a secret: her waking life is infiltrated by fantasies of her own demise. She envisions herself as a lifeless body in the forest, on an empty beach, or suspended from a crane. These visions, though alarming, lack a clear connection to depression or suicidal intent, adding an enigmatic layer to Fran’s character.

Enter Robert (Dave Merheje), a charismatic and extroverted new colleague who disrupts Fran’s contemplative state. Unfazed by preconceived notions, he treats her with genuine interest. Their interactions, from movie nights to pie outings and participation in a murder-mystery game, inject a new dynamic into Fran’s life. Her death fantasies amusingly intersect with visions of Robert, creating an unpredictable narrative.

Director Rachel Lambert employs a dream-like and slightly surreal approach, seamlessly integrating shots of the town and its environment into the narrative. The visuals evoke a subjective atmosphere, mirroring Fran’s dissociated state. Lambert’s stylized portrayal extends to Fran’s home, frozen in a time reminiscent of 1954, filled with unanswered questions about its origin.

Daisy Ridley navigates Fran’s character with nuance, avoiding the pitfalls of clichéd portrayals. Fran’s minimal dialogue doesn’t equate to shyness; rather, Ridley captures her abstraction and difficulty in engaging with the present. Fran remains an enigma, devoid of typical Lonely Girl clichés. Dave Merheje adds charm to the film, portraying Robert as a genuinely affable individual, though the mystery of his attraction to the mostly silent Fran remains unexplained—an intentional choice by the film.

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Despite its unique approach, “Sometimes I Think About Dying” feels like an unfinished bridge, needing one more act to complete its arc. The film attempts catharsis, but the lack of information leaves the audience suspended, craving a resolution. This incompleteness may stem from its origin as a full-length adaptation of a short film, based on a play with intertwined stories. The gaps in the narrative, while intriguing, create a sense of imbalance, and the film concludes, leaving the audience hanging, pondering the missing pieces.

FAQ About Sometimes I Think About Dying

Where can I watch Sometimes I Think About Dying 2023?

The film “sometimes, i think about dying” is available on Prime Video. The title suggests contemplation and explores themes that unfold within the narrative

Where does sometimes I think about dying take place?

Sometimes I Think About Dying,” directed by Rachel Lambert, portrays Fran, an emotionally muted office worker in coastal Oregon. The film explores her silent existence, creating a dreamlike indie experience.

How much money did Daisy Ridley make?

Daisy Ridley commands a reported $12.5 million salary for Star Wars: New Jedi Order, marking a substantial increase from her franchise debut. Her compensation aligns with leading roles, surpassing many top-paid female actors of 2022.

Why is Daisy Ridley famous?

English actress Daisy Ridley gained prominence with her breakthrough role as Rey in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Born on April 10, 1992, in Westminster, London.

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