Superman Cameo in The Flash: Reeve’s Children Share Mixed Feelings at Sundance

Superman Cameo in The Flash: Andy Muschietti’s film, “The Flash,” gained attention for its peculiar parade of CG-heavy superhero cameos, notably featuring a digitally recreated Christopher Reeve’s Superman, 19 years after the actor’s passing. At the Sundance Film Festival, Reeve’s children (Will, Matthew, and Alexandra) shared a brief reaction to their father’s cameo, indicating they haven’t seen “The Flash” and were not involved in its creation.

As reported by Variety, the Reeve siblings implied a lack of approval for the cameo, stating their non-involvement. Will Reeve mentioned that if asked, their father would likely express pride in his role in “Remains of the Day” rather than Superman. Despite its smaller scale, Christopher Reeve found joy in portraying a “completely different side of himself” in that film.

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The trio attended Sundance to promote “Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story,” a forthcoming documentary about their father seeking distribution. Describing the film as a “beautiful gift,” they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to explore their father’s life comprehensively, encompassing “the highs and lows, the public facade, and what’s happening at home.”

FAQ About Superman Cameo in The Flash

Does Superman appear in a flash?

Nicolas Cage discusses his surprise cameo as Superman in Warner Bros.’ “The Flash,” marking a return to the iconic role he never portrayed in the late 1990s. Cage’s appearance lacks spoken lines.

Is Nicolas Cage Superman in The Flash?

The Flash movie grants viewers a glimpse of Nicolas Cage as Superman, a role he was meant to play in a ’90s film that never materialized, showcasing an intriguing moment in cinematic history.

Who was the Batman cameo in The Flash?

George Clooney’s surprise return as Bruce Wayne in The Flash marks a one-time reprisal, stunning the DC Universe after 25 years. Clooney confirms his brief cameo in the superhero realm.

Why is Superman a girl in flash?
The Flash movie explores an alternate timeline where Superman, Kal-El, is absent, replaced by
Supergirl, Kara. Barry’s quest for his missing friend unfolds in a narrative distinct from the traditional Superman story.
Who is the next Superman?
James Gunn revealed the leads for “Superman: Legacy” in June 2023: David Corenswet as Clark Kent/Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane. The actors were selected after extensive, confidential auditions.
Is Henry Cavill in The Flash?
Henry Cavill’ Superman cameo in “The Flash” was removed to avoid complications for the new DC Universe. The film’s ending, serving as a soft reboot, was altered to set a different tone.
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