The Beekeeper Action Review: Jason Statham’s Unforeseen Triumph in Cinematic Brilliance

The Beekeeper Action Review: Truthfully, my initial enthusiasm for watching “The Beekeeper” was minimal. Despite my fondness for action films, the recent string of Jason Statham movies, including “The Meg 2,” “Operation Fortune,” and “Expend4bles,” left me feeling somewhat exhausted. My primary gripe with Statham was his tendency to embody characters tailor-made for his persona, and his fight scenes had become somewhat predictable, lacking adversaries who posed a credible threat. Hence, I delegated the review to one of our critics, Tyler Nichols, who crafted a positive write-up. Consider this less a “review” and more of an editorial.

So, why did I end up watching “The Beekeeper” against my expectations and without any intention of reviewing it? It’s a simple reason – boredom on a Saturday afternoon. With nothing else on my agenda, I opted for a matinee, prompted by a previously read rave review of Kurt Wimmer’s script, assuring me that the film deviates from the ordinary. Despite reservations about Wimmer’s involvement in projects like “Expend4bles,” my preconceived notions were proven wrong – “The Beekeeper” stands out as one of Jason Statham’s finest movies.

For those who have only seen the trailers, the uniqueness of this movie might not be immediately apparent. Trailers, by necessity, withhold the various twists and turns that elevate this film to quasi-classic status. There’s a reason Amazon/MGM organized sneak previews last weekend, and it’s set to outperform “Expend4bles” in its entire North American run on its first weekend. Audiences are embracing this movie.

Kurt Wimmer’s script could have easily gone awry, but the film benefits from a perfect combination both behind and in front of the camera. David Ayer’s direction is impeccable, showcasing a clear understanding of the task at hand. In many ways, this movie pays homage to Cannon Pictures and their eighties run of action films. These movies, characterized by incredibly high concepts and limited budgets, had a unique charm. Ayer, armed with skill and funding, takes “The Beekeeper” from its initially routine revenge premise to a finale with almost apocalyptic, country-destabilizing stakes.

Conceptualized as a quasi-slasher film, “The Beekeeper” portrays Statham’s Adam Clay as an unstoppable force akin to Jason or Freddy Krueger. While one might feel sympathy for the villains, they are an utterly despicable group, with Josh Hutcherson delivering an outstanding performance as the tech bro from hell. The narrative revolves around his character leading a data mining company that exploits the bank accounts of the elderly, pushing one kind old lady (played by the universally beloved Phylicia Rashad) to suicide. The desire for the bad guys to pay becomes visceral.

What makes “The Beekeeper” truly genius is how each action sequence builds on the last, escalating the stakes to the point where the FBI, the Secret Service, and the CIA are all attempting to stop Clay. His exceptional skills tie back to his affiliation with an ultra-secret network called The Beekeepers, dedicated to keeping those in power in check by any means necessary. The movie defies expectations in its last twenty minutes, delivering both pure carnage and a quasi-satire of modern action movies. The mythology of The Beekeepers feels “out there” in a way that playfully nods to John Wick’s High Table.

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Throughout, Ayer maintains a propulsive pace, concluding with a mic drop ending that had the audience cheering. DP Gabriel Beristain beautifully captures the action, and the cast, featuring Jeremy Irons playing against type, contributes to the film’s excellence. Statham’s deadpan delivery is perfectly suited for his character, and for once, his invincible demeanour aligns with the portrayal of otherworldly skills. The film boasts one of Statham’s best fight sequences, introducing a potential sequel where he might face an equally skilled Beekeeper.

Certainly, “The Beekeeper” may not cater to everyone. Its unapologetic and over-the-top nature may not align with those who prefer grounded and serious action movies. The B-plot, involving Rashad’s FBI agent daughter (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman), attempting to stop Clay, doesn’t entirely click, making it challenging to understand why she would hunt the man avenging her mother’s death. Nonetheless, “The Beekeeper” is a gem that continually builds momentum, throwing in everything but the kitchen sink.

If you think you have it figured out, do yourself a favour and see it. The stakes are higher than expected, delivering a non-stop, adrenaline-packed blast. Is it a B-movie? Absolutely, but it’s crafted to be one of the best B-movies ever made. In some ways, it reminded me of “Godzilla Minus Zero,” achieving its mission of being the best Godzilla movie ever made. Here, the goal was to create the best Jason Statham B-action movie, and I believe they’ve come remarkably close to achieving that.

FAQ About The Beekeeper Action Review

Q: Why is The Beekeeper rated R?

Ans: The film is rated R due to pervasive language, strong violence, some sexual references, and drug use, indicating a content warning for mature and intense elements throughout.

Q: What is the movie Beekeeper about?

Ans: A man’s vengeful crusade gains national significance when his past as a Beekeepers operative is exposed, unfolding a tale of brutal retribution with high-stakes consequences.

Q: Is beekeeper a good movie?

Ans: The Beekeeper,” a blend of bee-themed and B-movie elements, aligns with Statham’s action genre. Despite lacking critical acclaim, Statham’s presence elevates the film, making it watchable and enjoyable.

Q: Is The Beekeeper on prime?

Ans: Being distributed by Amazon MGM Studios, the film is likely to be accessible for free streaming on Amazon Prime Video ahead of other platforms, offering viewers convenient access.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is The Beekeeper a good movie?

Statham thrills with his action-packed performance and wry sense of humor. The Beekeeper, a mix of a bee movie and a B movie, joins the ranks of Statham’s other action flicks – not exactly top-notch, but still entertaining. On January 12, 2024, it received a 2/5 rating.

Why is the beekeeper rated R?

Rated R for intense and frequent violence, pervasive use of strong language, occasional sexual references, and depictions of drug use.

What is the movie beekeeper about summary?

The Beekeeper is playing in theaters for those who enjoy the classic cinema experience. However, it’s also possible to watch the film at home now. Starting November 25, 2024, The Beekeeper can be streamed on HBO Max. Viewers must have a subscription to the service to access the movie.

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