Tina Fey Mean Girls Revival: Lindsay Lohan’s Cameo Raises Eyebrows

Tina Fey Mean Girls Revival: When the decision was made to revive Mean Girls for the musical stage, Tina Fey, the screenwriter, recognized a need to adjust a key scene from the iconic 2004 film.

In the original film, the Plastics perform a dance to “Jingle Bell Rock” at the school talent show, encountering chaos when the CD skips, leading Gretchen to accidentally kick the boombox into the crowd. In the modern era of 2024 where CDs are obsolete, Fey contemplated how to update this memorable scene.

“I sent the directors YouTube videos where girls attempted gymnastics they used to do, and it turned out they couldn’t anymore,” Fey explains.

Co-director Sam Jayne notes, “Tina suggested the gymnastics stunt, a great moment that could face scrutiny on social media. The ‘fetch’ moment precedes it, so we emphasized the Plastics’ breakdown and insecurities, leading to their fall, symbolizing the group’s disintegration.”

During filming, the cast quickly found themselves donning Santa hats. Angourie Rice, portraying Cady, reflects, “It was in our first week of filming. We were overwhelmed, dressing in sequin Santa outfits, dancing in front of 200 extras and 150 crew. It felt surreal, thinking, ‘People will see this in cinemas.'”

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Regina George, played by Reneé Rapp, recalls her initial surprise: “Nobody could get me to wear a skirt except Tina. How am I in a sparkly skirt, ass out, week one of filming?” Despite discussions of using wires, Rapp did not perform the fall. “We ended up half shooting it with me, but I said, ‘I’m not falling. That’s not my thing.’ So we had a stunt person, and she was lovely,” Rapp explains.

Bebe Wood, who plays Gretchen, had a brief moment performing the stunt. “I worked with the stunt team to hold Regina up. The first time we did it, they said, ‘Move out of the way quickly so you don’t get kicked in the face.’ It was stressful, but they did takes with and without us.”

In the end, the scene delivered the perfect embarrassing moment for Regina’s literal downfall. Avantika, portraying Karen, remarks, “I love that there was this silly end to this really sexy number. It feels so high school to want to be sexy and seductive and have it end so terribly.”

FAQ About Tina Fey Mean Girls Revival

Where can I Watch Mean Girls 1?

Mean Girls continues its theatrical run, offering a traditional cinema experience. Alternatively, starting November 25, 2024, the film is accessible on HBO Max, exclusively for subscribers.

Is Mean Girls movie ok for 12 year olds?

The new “Mean Girls” musical movie, rated PG-13, serves as a tool for discussing cliques, bullying, and social media with tweens, providing a relevant guide for parents.

What is the main point of Mean Girls?

The narrative revolves around Cady Heron, portrayed by Lohan, a teenage girl transitioning from homeschooling to a mainstream American high school, delving into the complexities of its social hierarchy.

Is Mean Girls available?

Mean Girls” remains in theaters for a traditional cinema experience. Alternatively, starting November 25, 2024, the film is accessible on HBO Max, exclusively for subscribers, offering a home-viewing option.

Is Mean Girls a good movie?

Mean Girls” evokes nostalgia for high school experiences with sharp wit and energy, but loses momentum, lacking a timely conclusion. Despite a few acerbic jokes, the film’s meanness is questionable.

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