Where Was Lift Filmed Unveiling the Cinematic Backdrops of Kevin Hart’s Global Heist

Where Was Lift Filmed: In the Netflix film “Lift,” Kevin Hart’s character, Cyrus, and his team embark on a thrilling globe-trotting heist. As you enjoy the on-screen action, you might be curious about the locations where this cinematic adventure was brought to life. Here’s a breakdown of the major filming locations for Lift,” Netflix’s first major movie release of 2024.

Venice, Italy

The captivating city of Venice, with its intricate network of canals and stunning Renaissance and Gothic architecture, serves as a significant backdrop for “Lift.” The movie kicks off in this iconic location, showcasing the luxurious skyline as Cyrus and his crew initiate their daring heist. A Frauscher boat, utilized in the film, adds an element of excitement as it glides through the Venetian waters. The filming, taking place in May 2022, presented challenges, but boat driver Christian Orban, part of the cast, shared his experience navigating the canals and collaborating with stars like Kevin Hart, Jean Reno, and Jacob Batalon.

Trieste, Italy

The Italian filming journey continues in Trieste, a picturesque city in northeastern Italy. The crew shot scenes in this coastal gem between May 23 and 27, 2022. The exquisite Miramare Castle, set against the Gulf of Trieste, served as the backdrop for the villainous Lars Jorgensen’s property in the film. The combination of Neoclassical architecture and lush gardens provided a fitting setting for this part of the heist narrative.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Adding a diverse dimension to the film, the production team ventured to Northern Ireland, particularly Belfast, along with parts of counties Antrim, Derry, and Down. Various locations, including Bangor’s Ward Park, Shackleton Barracks in Ballykelly, and Ardglass Harbour, became integral to the film’s visual tapestry. Recognizable spots in Belfast, such as the Crown bar, Titanic Hotel, and Ulster University, contributed to the authenticity of the scenes. The film’s base was set at Belfast’s Harbour Studios, the capital’s newest film studio located at Giant’s Park.

As “Lift” unfolds on your screen, these diverse and visually stunning locations contribute to the global heist narrative, creating a captivating cinematic experience for viewers worldwide.

FAQ About Where Was Lift Filmed

Q: Where was the Lift filmed?

Ans: The film “Lift” was shot in Northern Ireland, with locations including Harbour Studios, Ulster University, Titanic Hotel, Ridell’s Warehouse, Ward Park in Bangor, Shackleton Barracks in Ballykelly, Castle Ward, Whitehead station, and Ardglass harbour.

Q: Was Lift filmed in Venice?

Ans:  The movie Lift was filmed in several different locations around Europe, including Belfast, Venice, and London. The film’s main production base was at Harbour Studios in Belfast, Ireland, where many of the film’s interior shots were filmed on a soundstage.

Q: What is the story of the film Lift?

Ans: In the film Lift,” Guru and Harini’s routine workday takes an eerie turn as they find themselves trapped in a haunted office. Unraveling a mystery through a patterned game, their only escape is a mysterious lift.

Q: What happens at last in Lift movie?

Ans: Guru, haunted by a ghost predicting their imminent death in a fire, deduces the entity’s ability to possess them when sound of mind. To thwart this, he uses a drug-infused cigarette, preventing the ghost from possessing Harini.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Where was the film Lift filmed?

Northern Ireland once again plays host to a Netflix film with the shooting of Lift, the second production to be filmed in the region after The School for Good and Evil in 2021. The film was shot in Harbour Studios as well as various locations across Northern Ireland, with backing from Northern Ireland Screen.

Where was the end of Lift filmed?

As the movie draws to a close, Cyrus and Abby cruise through the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains in Italy. The stunning Passo di Giau landscape, with its picturesque lake and towering mountain, serves as a striking backdrop for their drive.

Was Lift filmed in Venice?

In the Venice scenes, 400 extras donned Carnival masks and played tourists. The $500 million worth of gold used in the film would weigh a whopping 7.8 tons, with each ounce costing $2000.

What is the private jet in the movie Lift?

The colossal Airbus A380 stage was constructed to film the inaugural battle scene in “Lift.” Kevin Hart portrays Cyrus, the mastermind of a band of criminals endeavoring to pilfer $500 million worth of gold from a commercial aircraft while airborne.

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