Zendaya Unfollow Rumors on Instagram Tom Holland Sets the Record Straight

Zendaya Unfollow Rumors: Tom Holland is shedding light on the status of his relationship with Zendaya, putting an end to recent speculation and addressing the reason behind his girlfriend’s decision to unfollow him on Instagram.

The “Uncharted” actor was approached by paparazzi in Los Angeles on Friday while running errands. When questioned about the rumored breakup with the “Dune” actress, Holland quickly dismissed the speculation, stating, “No, no, no. Absolutely…not.”

Appearing in good spirits, he casually walked with a friend before hopping into his vehicle and speeding off, as captured in footage by TMZ.

This concise yet clear response aims to reassure fans who became concerned after Zendaya unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including Holland, at the start of the new year. The move raised eyebrows, especially since the 27-year-old actress continued to follow her boyfriend. Prior to this social media cleanse, Zendaya had been largely inactive on social platforms, only resurfacing on January 2 to promote her upcoming movie, “Challengers.”

The online chatter about the unfollowing incident varied, with some fans expressing worry about the status of the relationship. One fan tweeted, “I saw that Zendaya unfollowed Tom Holland. Pls tell me romance isn’t dead, y’all,” while another joked, “The biggest news right now is that Zendaya unfollowed everybody. The look of a boss  or did he just double cross her and now it is time to shine? This is bigger than I thought.”

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Zendaya also stopped following her family, which led some to think that the move was a way for her to get ready for future projects. The breakup reports started months after Zendaya sparked engagement rumors by wearing a unique pearl ring that looked expensive on her wedding finger.

After the reports that she was engaged died down, Zendaya took to Instagram to clear the air. She explained what was going on in an Instagram Story post.

Marvel’s “Spider-Man” franchise cast them as lovers Peter Parker and Mary Jane in 2016. They confirmed their real-life romance in July 2021. After announcing their relationship, sensual photos of them emerged, including one of them kissing in a car. They announced their relationship on Instagram on Zendaya’s 25th birthday in September 2021.

Zendaya and Holland have kept their romance private despite its fame. Both have spoken about how essential privacy is in their relationship and how they seek to separate it from their public roles in interviews.

FAQ About Zendaya Unfollow Rumors on Instagram

Q: Why did Zendaya unfollow everyone on Instagram?

Ans: Zendaya’s recent decision to unfollow everyone on social media remains unclear. In a prior interview from October 2021, she mentioned her tendency to take breaks from social platforms, citing anxiety and overthinking as reasons. This move aligns with her periodic retreats to maintain a healthier relationship with online engagement.

Q: Why did Zendaya change her name?

Ans: The individual perceives the action as cool, drawing parallels to iconic figures like Cher and Prince. The sentiment is subjective, but the comparison suggests a positive and noteworthy quality, resonating with the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé.

Q: Are Zendaya and Tom Holland together?

Ans: Dispelling breakup rumors, Tom Holland clarified on January 12 that he and Zendaya remain a couple. Addressing speculations, the Spider-Man costars affirmed their ongoing relationship, with Tom’s statement captured in a video obtained by TMZ

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Tom Holland still with Zendaya?

Following his statement to a paparazzi photographer on Friday, Holland’s presence at the event confirms his denial of any breakup with Zendaya.

How much taller is Zendaya than Tom?

It’s no big deal to Zendaya and Tom Holland that there’s a slight height difference between them. Zendaya stands at about 5’10”, while Tom is around 5’8″. But they’re not sweating the small stuff.

How tall is Zendaya?

Thomas Stanley Holland, born on June 1st, 1996, is an actor from England. He has received recognition, including a British Academy Film Award and three Saturn Awards. In 2019, he was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list. Many publications have hailed him as one of the most beloved actors of his time.

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