Gosling’s Emotional Moment: Tears Flow in ‘The Fall Guy Super Bowl Ad

In a surprising turn of events during this year’s Super Bowl, heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling was seen shedding tears in the highly anticipated ad for ‘The Fall Guy.’ This emotional moment has left audiences intrigued and eager to uncover the meaning behind Gosling’s display of vulnerability.

With its pop culture connection, the ad has generated buzz and sparked conversations about the upcoming movie. As fans eagerly await the release, it is worth delving into the background of the film, exploring the highlights of the trailer, and gaining insights from behind the scenes to fully understand the emotional impact of Gosling’s performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Ryan Gosling’s emotional moment in ‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl ad resonates with viewers and adds authenticity to the film.
  • The emotional depth in Gosling’s performance engages audiences on an emotional level and sets the stage for a character-driven movie.
  • The blend of action and emotion in the film captivates audiences and pays homage to the original TV series.
  • The ad highlights the importance of teamwork and pays tribute to the underappreciated crew behind the scenes.

Incident Overview

In the highly anticipated Super Bowl ad for the upcoming film ‘The Fall Guy,’ a captivating incident unfolds, showcasing Ryan Gosling’s character, Colt Seavers, in an emotionally vulnerable moment that leaves viewers intrigued. The scene takes place as Seavers sits alone in his car, tears streaming down his face while Taylor Swift’s song ‘All Too Well’ plays in the background. This unexpected display of raw emotion immediately piques the audience’s curiosity and raises questions about Seavers’ state of mind.

The ad further intensifies the intrigue when Emily Blunt’s character, who appears to be a close friend or confidante of Seavers, approaches the car and gently asks him what’s wrong. Her concern is palpable, and her inquiry adds another layer of complexity to the scene. The brief interaction between Gosling and Blunt is filled with unspoken words and gestures that communicate a deep bond and understanding between the characters.

This emotionally charged moment in the Super Bowl ad for ‘The Fall Guy’ sets the stage for what promises to be a gripping and character-driven film. It leaves viewers wondering about the circumstances surrounding Seavers’ tears and eager to uncover the depths of his vulnerability. The ad successfully creates a sense of anticipation and invites audiences to delve into the emotional journey that awaits them in the movie.

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Pop Culture Connection

The Super Bowl ad for ‘The Fall Guy’ not only captivates viewers with its emotionally charged moment but also establishes a strong pop culture connection through its ties to real-life events surrounding Taylor Swift during the 2023 NFL season. Swift, known for supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has been a notable presence at multiple NFL games. Her influence extends to dominating pregame coverage at the 2024 Super Bowl, showcasing the intersection of entertainment and sports.

During the 2023 NFL season, Swift’s support for Kelce attracted significant media attention. As a popular singer-songwriter, Swift’s presence in the stands brought an added level of excitement to the games. Fans eagerly awaited glimpses of her cheering on Kelce, and her appearances became a topic of discussion both on and off the field.

This pop culture connection is further emphasized by Swift’s prominent role in the pregame coverage at the 2024 Super Bowl. As one of the biggest events in sports and entertainment, the Super Bowl serves as a powerful platform for showcasing the merging of these two worlds. Swift’s involvement in the pregame festivities solidifies her status as a cultural icon and highlights the influence of pop culture in the realm of professional sports.

‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl ad leverages this pop culture connection to engage viewers and create a deeper emotional impact. By incorporating real-life events surrounding Taylor Swift and her support for Kelce, the ad not only resonates with fans of the singer but also taps into the broader cultural zeitgeist. This connection adds an extra layer of relatability and authenticity to the advertisement, making it more memorable and impactful for viewers.

Movie Background

Following the pop culture connection established through its ties to real-life events surrounding Taylor Swift, the movie background of ‘The Fall Guy’ provides a thrilling and star-studded adventure as it brings Glen A. Larson’s 1980s TV series to the big screen. The film follows Colt Seavers, played by Ryan Gosling, on a quest to find a missing movie star. With an action-comedy genre, ‘The Fall Guy’ promises to pay homage to action movies and the dedicated crew behind them.

The star-studded cast of ‘The Fall Guy’ adds even more excitement to the film. Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, Hannah Waddingham, and Teresa Palmer join Gosling in this thrilling adventure. Each actor brings their own unique talent to the screen, creating a dynamic and captivating experience for the audience.

To further enhance the audience’s understanding of the film, a table can be used to convey a deeper meaning. The table below showcases the main cast members and their respective roles in ‘The Fall Guy’:

Actor Role
Ryan Gosling Colt Seavers
Emily Blunt Missing Movie Star
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Unknown
Stephanie Hsu Unknown
Winston Duke Unknown
Hannah Waddingham Unknown
Teresa Palmer Unknown

This table allows the audience to visualize the characters and their roles, creating anticipation for the film. ‘The Fall Guy’ promises to be an action-packed adventure filled with suspense, humor, and stellar performances from its star-studded cast.

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Trailer Highlights

Highlighted in the new trailer for ‘The Fall Guy’, viewers are introduced to a deeply emotional moment featuring Ryan Gosling’s character singing and crying along to Taylor Swift’s hauntingly beautiful song, ‘All Too Well’. This poignant scene sets the stage for a rollercoaster of emotions that await audiences in the film.

The trailer captures the raw vulnerability of Gosling’s character, as he pours his heart out through song. The combination of Gosling’s soulful voice and Swift’s evocative lyrics creates a powerful and poignant atmosphere that resonates with viewers. As Gosling’s character sings, tears stream down his face, reflecting the pain and heartbreak he is experiencing. The emotional intensity of the moment is palpable, drawing viewers in and leaving them captivated.

In addition to the emotional scene, the trailer also showcases a humorous exchange between Gosling’s character and Blunt’s character, Jody Moreno. As Jody confronts Colt about his emotional outburst, a lighthearted banter ensues, providing a brief respite from the intense emotions. This juxtaposition of humor and vulnerability adds depth and complexity to the film’s narrative, promising a compelling and multi-dimensional viewing experience.

The trailer’s release during the Super Bowl, coinciding with Swift’s presence at the event, only adds to the excitement surrounding ‘The Fall Guy’. The unexpected blend of action and emotion showcased in the trailer has generated considerable buzz, piquing the curiosity of audiences eager to see how these elements come together in the film.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

For anyone seeking behind-the-scenes insights into the making of ‘Gosling’s Emotional Moment: ‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl Ad’, this article provides a glimpse into the preparation and inspiration behind Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Colt Seavers. To fully immerse himself in the role, Gosling sought advice from Lee Majors, the actor who originated the character in the TV series. In interviews, Gosling expressed his admiration for Majors, highlighting their interactions and describing Majors as funny and gracious. This collaboration allowed Gosling to gain a deeper understanding of the character and bring authenticity to his performance.

The film’s release date, set for May 3, promises audiences a unique blend of action and emotion, while also paying tribute to the underappreciated crew behind the scenes. With Gosling’s dedication and the insights gained from Majors, viewers can expect a truly captivating portrayal of Colt Seavers in ‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl Ad.

Best For: Fans of the TV series ‘The Fall Guy’ and those looking for a captivating portrayal of Colt Seavers in ‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl Ad.


  • Ryan Gosling’s dedication to the role and his collaboration with Lee Majors brings authenticity to the portrayal of Colt Seavers.
  • The unique blend of action and emotion promises an engaging viewing experience.
  • The film pays tribute to the underappreciated crew behind the scenes, adding depth to the overall production.


  • The article does not provide specific details about the storyline or plot of ‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl Ad.


The emotional moment captured in the Super Bowl ad for ‘The Fall Guy’ showcased Gosling’s ability to portray raw emotions on screen.

The article highlighted the pop culture connection of the ad and provided background information about the movie.

The trailer highlights gave readers a glimpse into the film’s storyline, and the behind-the-scenes insights added depth to the overall understanding of the ad.

Overall, the article provided a comprehensive overview of the incident and its impact on viewers.


What is fall guy about at the movies?

Colt Seavers, a stuntman who took a hiatus to prioritize his well-being, is reluctantly pulled back into action. His return to the stunt world is triggered when the lead actor of a high-budget movie, directed by his ex, mysteriously disappears. Forced to navigate both professional and personal complexities, Colt Seavers finds himself back in the challenging world of stunt work.

Is The Fall Guy coming back?

“The Fall Guy” is gearing up for its world premiere at SXSW in March 2024 and is slated for a theatrical release in the United States on May 3, 2024. Originally scheduled for March 1, 2024, the release date was adjusted to its current one, providing audiences with an eagerly awaited cinematic experience.

Is The Fall Guy based on a book?

Readers familiar with James Lasdun’s celebrated fiction can anticipate “The Fall Guy” to be a multifaceted moral narrative intertwined with a captivating suspense plot. Delving into themes of guilt and betrayal, the story promises a compelling exploration with Lasdun’s trademark incisiveness.

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