Delco The Movie Starts Shooting at Top County Sites-Big News!”

Delco The Movie Starts Shooting: Excitement is brewing as ‘Delco: The Movie’ begins filming at prominent county locations, sparking anticipation among locals and film enthusiasts alike. The stellar cast and crew are set to bring this long-awaited project to life, promising a cinematic experience that mirrors the essence of the community.

As cameras roll and scenes unfold against the backdrop of familiar landmarks, the buzz surrounding this production is palpable. Stay tuned as we uncover the behind-the-scenes details and the potential impact of this film on the cultural landscape of the region.

Introduction to “Delco: The Movie”

What sets ‘Delco: The Movie’ apart from other films that capture regional spirit? Director Chris Pierdomenico’s unique approach to celebrating Delaware County’s essence is what truly distinguishes this film.

By delving into the love-hate relationship that many residents have with Delco, Pierdomenico brings a raw and honest portrayal to the screen. The movie, set in 2004, not only captures a specific moment in time but also showcases the county’s character through notable actors and familiar locations.

Pierdomenico’s personal experiences and deep connections with Delco heavily influence the film’s narrative, adding layers of authenticity and emotional depth. This personal touch allows the audience to immerse themselves fully in the story, creating a genuine connection to the characters and the setting.

As a director with a passion for storytelling and a strong bond with the community, Pierdomenico infuses ‘Delco: The Movie’ with a sense of nostalgia and realism that sets it apart as a true tribute to Delaware County’s spirit.

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Production and Cast Details

In the midst of capturing the essence of Delaware County through ‘Delco: The Movie’, Director Chris Pierdomenico has orchestrated a production that not only embraces the region’s spirit but also enlists a talented cast to breathe life into the narrative. The film, which is halfway through production, promises to be a love letter to the Aston native’s upbringing and memories. Here are some intriguing details about the production and cast:

  1. Iconic Locations: Filming takes place at various recognizable spots in Delaware County, including Wawa, Media Theater, and Sun Valley High School.
  2. Notable Cast: The movie features actors like Brian O’Halloran from ‘Clerks’ and Anthony Wilson from ‘The Wire,’ adding depth and experience to the ensemble.
  3. Cameos Galore: Pierdomenico incorporates numerous cameos, with appearances by his friends and former teachers, adding a personal touch to the film.
  4. Release Date: Scheduled for a late summer 2024 release on a streaming platform, ‘Delco: The Movie’ is eagerly anticipated by fans of both the region and the talented cast.

Impact and Expectations

For Delaware County residents longing to immerse themselves in a cinematic journey that pays homage to their cherished local memories, ‘Delco: The Movie’ emerges as a captivating choice. The film’s aim to resonate with the community by showcasing familiar landmarks and experiences is expected to evoke nostalgia and pride for the area. By taking a unique approach to storytelling and actively involving the community in the production process, ‘Delco: The Movie’ sets high expectations for its impact.

Anticipation is building as residents eagerly await the release of the film, looking forward to seeing their beloved county depicted on the big screen. For more updates and insights into the movie’s progress, viewers can stay tuned to Fox 29’s coverage of the production.

Best For: Residents of Delaware County looking to relive and celebrate their local memories through a cinematic experience.


  • Evokes nostalgia and pride for the area by showcasing familiar landmarks and experiences.
  • Unique storytelling approach and community involvement enhance the film’s impact.
  • Builds anticipation and excitement among residents for the release of the movie.


  • Limited appeal to audiences outside of Delaware County.

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News in Brief

Excitement surrounds the filming of ‘Delco: The Movie’ as it captures the essence of Delaware County, led by Director Chris Pierdomenico. Set in 2004, the film offers a raw portrayal of the community’s love-hate relationship, infused with Pierdomenico’s personal experiences. Filming at iconic county locations and featuring a talented cast, including Brian O’Halloran and Anthony Wilson, adds depth to the production. Scheduled for a late summer 2024 streaming platform release, the movie aims to evoke nostalgia and pride among residents while showcasing familiar landmarks and experiences. Fox 29’s coverage keeps viewers updated on the film’s progress, building anticipation for its impact on the cultural landscape of the region.


What movie is being filmed in Delco?

“Delco: The Movie” Director, Chris Pierdomemico, shares the inspiration behind his upcoming teen comedy starring “Clerks” actor Brian O’Halloran and “The Wire” star Brian Anthony Wilson. Get ready, Delaware County is stepping onto the silver screen.

What is Delco the movie?

Three teens embark on a mission to break free from their goody-two-shoes image for one wild night, transforming into Delco mischief makers. This comedic tale serves as both a homage and critique of Delco and evangelical Christianity, seen through the eyes of a second-generation Mexican American Sun Valley graduate. A self-proclaimed dork who adores Kevin Smith and John Hughes, he navigates the complexities of identity and rebellion in suburban Pennsylvania.

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