Mean Girls Returns Paramount Plus Drops Release Date – Mark Your Calendar!”

Mean Girls Returns Paramount Plus: Get ready to revisit North Shore High because the Plastics are back! Paramount+ has finally announced the release date for the highly-anticipated return of ‘Mean Girls.’ Fans of the cult classic can now mark their calendars for the big day.

But that’s not all – there are intriguing details surrounding the plot, cast, and potential surprises in store. Stay tuned as we uncover more about this long-awaited sequel that is sure to bring back all the drama and humor we love from the original.

Key Information about the 2024 “Mean Girls” Movie

The 2024 movie musical adaptation of ‘Mean Girls’ brings a fresh and captivating take on the iconic high school comedy, now available for streaming on Paramount+ from March 5.

Tina Fey, the brilliant mind behind the new film, not only wrote the screenplay but also reprised her role as the beloved Ms. Norbury from the original 2004 teen comedy. This new rendition of ‘Mean Girls’ quickly gained popularity, surpassing $100 million at the global box office within just six weeks of its release. Originally intended for a Paramount+ debut, the decision to also have a theatrical release was made following overwhelmingly positive test screenings.

With Angourie Rice leading the cast as Cady Heron, viewers are taken on a journey through the treacherous world of high school politics and the complex dynamics of the Plastics. Reneé Rapp shines as the infamous Regina George, a role she previously portrayed on Broadway.

The star-studded cast also includes Christopher Briney, Bebe Wood, Avantika, Jaquel Spivey, Auli’i Cravalho, Tim Meadows, and of course, the talented producer-writer Tina Fey. Additionally, the movie is further enriched by exciting cameos from original stars Lindsay Lohan and Megan Thee Stallion, adding a nostalgic touch for fans of the original film.

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Movie Review and Reception

Reneé Rapp’s portrayal as the new Regina George in the 2024 ‘Mean Girls’ movie has sparked widespread acclaim and excitement among both critics and audiences. Owen Gleiberman’s review in Variety praises Rapp’s performance, recognizing her impact on the film. The movie has garnered positive attention, with a particular focus on Rapp’s portrayal of the iconic character and the visually stunning scenes throughout. Comparisons to the 2004 version have been made, acknowledging that individual preferences may vary based on age and personal connections to the original film.

In addition to critical acclaim, the movie has seen theatrical success, dominating the domestic box office for three consecutive weeks. This success speaks to the enduring popularity of the ‘Mean Girls’ franchise and the positive reception of this latest installment. As fans eagerly anticipate its release on Paramount+, Rapp’s performance as the new Regina George seems to be a standout element that is drawing viewers in and generating excitement for the film.

Streaming Information and Release Details on Paramount+

Arriving on the streaming platform Paramount+ with much anticipation and fanfare, the new ‘Mean Girls movie has become a must-watch for viewers in the US and Canada since its release on March 5. This highly awaited sequel has sparked excitement among fans eager to dive back into the world of North Shore High School. While US and Canadian audiences can already enjoy the film, international release details for other Paramount+ markets are still pending, leaving fans worldwide on the edge of their seats.

For those looking to catch up on all things ‘Mean Girls,’ Paramount+ offers subscription plans to cater to different viewing preferences. The $6/month Essential plan comes with ads, while the $12/month Paramount Plus with Showtime plan provides an ad-free experience along with extra perks like the ability to download titles and access local live CBS stations. This streaming service not only brings the new ‘Mean Girls’ movie to your screens but also allows viewers to relive the nostalgia of the original 2004 film available on the platform. Get ready to immerse yourself in the drama, laughs, and iconic quotes that have made ‘Mean Girls’ a beloved classic.

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News in Brief

The Plastics are making a comeback as Paramount+ unveils the release date for the much-anticipated ‘Mean Girls’ sequel, available for streaming from March 5. Penned by the brilliant Tina Fey, who also reprises her role as Ms. Norbury, the film exceeded $100 million globally in six weeks, originally slated for Paramount+ but later expanded to theaters due to positive test screenings. Angourie Rice stars as Cady Heron, navigating high school drama alongside Reneé Rapp’s praised portrayal of Regina George.

The star-studded cast includes original cameos by Lindsay Lohan and Megan Thee Stallion, adding nostalgia. Rapp’s performance earns acclaim, driving theatrical success and dominating the box office for three consecutive weeks. International release details are pending, but Paramount+ offers various subscription plans for eager viewers to relive the iconic ‘Mean Girls’ moments.


Is the new Mean Girls coming to Paramount plus?

The 2024 movie musical “Mean Girls” is set to start streaming on Paramount+ from March 5, following its initial theatrical release in January.

Will Mean Girls 2024 be on streaming?

Mean Girls (2024) is now available for digital purchase, allowing fans to enjoy the iconic film from the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s your first viewing or a repeat, you can stream it on platforms like Prime Video using your couch or smart device. Get ready to wear your best pink outfit and join in the fun!

Is Mean Girls 2024 available on Paramount?

Mean Girls (2024) is now available for purchase or rent in 4K Ultra HD on transactional video-on-demand platforms like Prime Video and Apple TV. Paramount+ subscribers can also look forward to streaming the film when it arrives on the platform, which is already home to the original 2004 Mean Girls movie.

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