Super Mario Bros Animated Movie: Exclusive News From Illumination And Nintendo!

Super Mario Bros Animated Movie: In a surprising collaboration that has sent ripples through the entertainment industry, Illumination and Nintendo have joined forces to bring to life the beloved Super Mario Bros. in an animated movie.

This partnership between the animation powerhouse and the iconic gaming company has sparked a buzz of speculation and curiosity among fans and critics alike.

With exclusive news emerging from behind closed doors, the details surrounding this project have remained tightly under wraps, leaving many eager to uncover what surprises lie in store for the Mushroom Kingdom’s most famous duo.

Key Facts and Figures

In the realm of animated films, the collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie stands as a promising venture, especially considering the astounding success of the previous installment, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ which grossed over $1.3 billion in 2023. Building on this triumph, the new animated film is set to hit theaters in the U.S. on April 3, 2026, with a global release following closely in the same month.

The anticipation for this movie is palpable, as fans eagerly await the return of their beloved characters in a fresh, visually stunning format. With Illumination’s track record of creating engaging and visually impressive animated films, coupled with Nintendo’s iconic and beloved Super Mario universe, the stage is set for another blockbuster success.

As the release date draws near, audiences are buzzing with excitement, ready to once again immerse themselves in the whimsical world of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom crew. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly-anticipated animated extravaganza.

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People and Collaboration

Demonstrating a harmonious blend of creative minds, the collaboration for the Super Mario Bros. animated movie brings together talented producers, directors, and writers in a unified effort to capture the essence of the beloved video game franchise.

  • Producers: Chris Meledandri of Illumination and Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo.
  • Directors: Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, known for overseeing the previous Mario film.
  • Writer: Matthew Fogel, who also worked on the script for ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’.
  • Collaboration: Filmmakers and Miyamoto work closely to ensure the film stays true to the essence of the video games.

The collaboration between these seasoned professionals ensures that the Super Mario Bros. animated movie is in capable hands. With experienced producers guiding the project, skilled directors shaping its visual narrative, and a talented writer crafting the storyline, audiences can anticipate a film that stays faithful to the iconic world of Mario.

The close collaboration between the filmmakers and Miyamoto guarantees that the essence and charm of the beloved video game characters will be brought to life on the big screen in a way that resonates with fans and newcomers alike.

Additional Context and Background

With the stage set by the collaborative efforts of seasoned professionals for the Super Mario Bros. animated movie, delving into additional context and background unveils a rich tapestry of successful precedents and iconic legacies that underpin this exciting cinematic venture.

Illumination, the powerhouse behind beloved hits like ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘The Lorax,’ brings a proven track record of delivering animated gems that resonate with audiences of all ages. Their expertise in creating engaging narratives and endearing characters sets a high bar for what fans can expect from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film.

Nintendo’s gaming legacy is equally impressive, with iconic titles such as ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ shaping the industry for decades. Coupled with staggering global sales statistics, Nintendo’s ability to transport players to imaginative worlds bodes well for the expansion of Mario’s universe on the big screen.

The announcement on ‘Mario Day,’ promising a bright and fun story that broadens Mario’s world, hints at the care and attention being poured into this animated masterpiece. Fans can anticipate a delightful journey that honors the roots of the franchise while exploring new horizons in the cinematic realm.

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News in Brief

In a blockbuster collaboration, Illumination and Nintendo are teaming up for an animated Super Mario Bros. movie, slated for a U.S. release on April 3, 2026, following a global debut. Building on the success of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ the partnership holds promise for another cinematic triumph. Producers Chris Meledandri and Shigeru Miyamoto, directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, along with writer Matthew Fogel, ensure a skilled team behind the project. This collaboration blends Illumination’s animated expertise with Nintendo’s iconic gaming legacy. Anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the return of Mario, Luigi, and the Mushroom Kingdom crew in this visually stunning extravaganza, promising to capture the essence of the beloved video game franchise.


Is Super Mario Bros highest grossing animated movie?

The Super Mario Bros Movie, an animated adventure starring Chris Pratt as Mario and Charlie Day as Luigi, has secured its place as the second highest-grossing animated film ever, amassing an impressive $1.3 billion at the global box office.

Is Mario movie on Netflix?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has landed on Netflix, bringing the animated adventure to the streaming platform. Fans can now enjoy the beloved characters, led by Chris Pratt as Mario and Charlie Day as Luigi, in the animated blockbuster available on Netflix.

Is Super Mario Bros a Disney movie?

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is a 2023 animated adventure comedy film, a delightful adaptation of Nintendo’s iconic Mario video game franchise. Directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the film showcases the beloved characters in a fun-filled adventure. Produced by Universal Pictures, Illumination, and Nintendo, the movie is a collaborative masterpiece.

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