Selena Gomez Takes a Social Media Hiatus Amidst Global Concerns

Selena Gomez, at 31 years old, has decided to take a hiatus from the tumultuous world of social media. In an Instagram Story posted on Monday, the “Single Soon” singer revealed the reasons behind her step back from the digital realm. She expressed how her heart aches witnessing the rampant horrors, hatred, violence, and sheer terror plaguing our world today.

Gomez didn’t mince words, emphasizing the sheer horror of people being subjected to torture and violence, and how any form of hatred towards any group is utterly abhorrent. Her sentiments are unambiguous: all individuals, especially children, deserve protection, and violence must be eradicated from our lives.

With a tinge of regret, she acknowledged that her words might never be enough for everyone or merely a hashtag could change the world’s grim trajectory. She made it clear that she cannot idly stand by while innocent people suffer, something that deeply troubles her. She yearns for a world where positive change is possible but knows that a mere post won’t suffice.

Signing off her message with “Love, Selena,” she expressed her genuine concern for the state of the world.

In a subsequent post, Gomez shared a poignant black and white throwback photo of her younger sister, Gracie Elliott Teefey. She explained that having a sister has sensitized her to the darker aspects of life. Her words resonate with a profound sense of responsibility, stating she would do anything to protect children and innocent lives.

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Selena Gomez decision to step back from social media comes on the heels of her candid discussion about her own mental health struggles at the first annual Rare Impact Fund Benefit on October 5th. In her address at Nya Studios in Hollywood, during the event aimed at raising funds for youth mental health organizations, she bared her soul.

She confessed to wrestling with inner demons, feeling lost and hopeless for an extended period. However, in 2020, her life took a significant turn when she received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. This revelation brought a sea change in her life, providing the answers she had long sought.

Understanding her condition empowered her, reducing her previous fears and uncertainties. With newfound knowledge, she sought the support necessary to reclaim her true self and rediscover her joy. Gomez proudly declared that she’s been working diligently every day to regain her happiness and expressed her gratitude for being alive and sharing the moment with those in attendance.

On a lighter note,Selena Gomez was recently spotted attending the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Orlando Magic. Exuding a relaxed vibe, she elegantly kept her hair away from her face with a slicked-back updo while donning an oversized leather jacket.

As she watched the game, which saw the Lakers triumph with a score of 106 – 103 at the Arena, she was joined by other notable figures such as rapper Machine Gun Kelly and actress Ashley Benson.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Selena Gomez in a relationship?

On December 7, 2023, Gomez confirmed her relationship with Blanco after speculation about their romance. She made the announcement in response to fans on Instagram.

What is Selena Gomez ethnic?

Gomez’s father hails from Mexican roots, and her mother, who was adopted, has Italian lineage. Gomez’s grandparents on her father’s side moved to Texas from Monterrey in the 1970s.

How old is Selena Gomez today?

Selena Gomez ties the knot with her boyfriend in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by her co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. The trio has been hard at work shooting, with the addition of Meryl Streep to the cast. “Just a regular day at work,” Selena casually mentioned on Instagram.

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