Shattered Screams: Jenna Ortega Exits Scream VII Amidst Controversy

Jenna Ortega Exits Scream VII: In the aftermath of Spyglass terminating Melissa Barrera from Scream VII, the latest installment in the horror series, Jenna Ortega’s departure has now been disclosed. The exit of these two key figures, crucial in rejuvenating the aging franchise, raises uncertainties about its future. Christopher Landon remains the director, at least for the time being, but Spyglass’s subsequent moves are currently unclear.

Reports suggest that Ortega’s exit is unrelated to Barrera’s dismissal, which followed Barrera’s social media posts referencing the Israel-Hamas war. Ortega’s representatives reportedly informed Spyglass before the actors’ strike that the actress, a prominent figure in young Hollywood over the past decade, would not be returning. Some sources indicate that Ortega either had no deal or, during renegotiations, demanded what the movie company deemed excessive compensation. Spyglass had previously opted not to bring back Neve Campbell, the original franchise star, after she requested a significant raise for Scream VI. (Campbell later stated, “I couldn’t walk on set…feeling undervalued.”)

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Barrera and Ortega, who portrayed sisters in the franchise since 2022’s Scream, played pivotal roles. Since the release of that film, Ortega has risen to prominence, particularly through her role in Netflix’s Wednesday, and was considered a linchpin for the Scream franchise.

The 2022 installment of Scream revitalized the series, with younger stars like Barrera and Ortega joining forces with legacy actors Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. It achieved a global gross of $137.7 million. The subsequent Scream VI, set in New York, surpassed $168.9 million globally. The future of the franchise now faces uncertainties with the departure of these key cast members.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who won t be in Scream 7?

The seventh movie is currently being developed but has encountered several obstacles, such as the departure of its director, Christopher Landon, last month. The leading actresses of “Scream 6,” Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, are also no longer involved in the upcoming film.

Will Neve Campbell be in Scream 7?

Following her role in the initial five Scream films, Campbell opted out of the 2023’s Scream VI. Subsequently, the franchise proceeded without her, but Scream VII faced significant setbacks as both Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega exited the project. Director Christopher Landon also parted ways with the sequel shortly afterward.

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