Mean Girls Tops Box Office, Statham’s Beekeeper Buzzes Close

Mean Girls Tops Box Office: In their recent debut, the new Mean Girls musical and Jason Statham’s The Beekeeper engaged in a competitive run at the domestic box office. Despite the efforts of the buzzing British man, Mean Girls continues to assert its dominance, securing $11.7 million in its second week, accumulating a substantial total of $50 million. On the other hand, The Beekeeper managed $8 million, bringing its total to $31 million. While they cater to distinct audiences, both films are holding their own, drawing people to the cinema.

Meanwhile, Wonka maintains its grip on the third position, contributing an additional $6 million to its impressive total, now standing at $187 million after six weeks. There’s potential for it to breach the $200 million mark if the trend continues. Following closely are Anyone But You and Migration, each earning just under $5.5 million this week. Anyone But You has accumulated a total of $64 million, while Migration boasts a total of $94 million.

Entering its fifth week, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom secured $3.6 million, pushing its total to $114 million. The lone newcomer in the top 10 is the space thriller I.S.S., making its debut with $3 million. Subsequently, Night Swim, The Boys In The Boat, and Poor Things round off the top 10. Poor Things, now enjoying a relatively widespread release following additional awards hype, earned $2 million in its seventh week, reaching a total of $20 million. Outside the top 10, Ava DuVernay’s Origin debuted on a limited 125 screens, generating $875,000.

Here’s a concise recap of the top 10, courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

  • Mean Girls
  • The Beekeeper
  • Wonka
  • Anyone But You
  • Migration
  • Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
  • I.S.S.
  • Night Swim
  • The Boys In The Boat
  • Poor Things

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How much money was made off of Mean Girls?

In its second weekend, “Mean Girls” earned $11.7 million, reaching a domestic total of $50 million. Despite a 59% sales drop, its modest $36 million budget ensures a favorable box office outcome

Is there more than 1 Mean Girls movie?

“Mean Girls 2” is a 2011 teen comedy, directed by Melanie Mayron and written by Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, and Allison Schroeder. Serving as a standalone sequel to the 2004 film.

Why is Mean Girls so popular?

Mean Girls,” released in 2004, explores universal themes of new beginnings, bullying, fitting in, and finding one’s place. The film humorously addresses issues facing young women, resonating across generations.

When was the beekeeper filmed?

Principal photography for the film commenced in September 2022 in the United Kingdom, with notable scenes shot at Tyringham Hall in Tyringham during October, showcasing progress in the filming process.

Will the beekeeper be on Netflix?

The Beekeeper won’t be available on Netflix anytime soon. Viewers must opt for theaters or await its availability on Prime Video. The film’s streaming options remain limited, excluding Netflix.

How much money has Wonka made?

Wonka has achieved a significant box office success, grossing $147 million domestically and $253 million internationally, resulting in a total global earnings of $400 million

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