Mean Girls vs The Beekeeper: A Fierce Box Office Battle at Sundance 2024

Mean Girls vs The Beekeeper: In a surprisingly tight box office battle, Paramount’s “Mean Girls” musical and Amazon MGM’s “The Beekeeper” are vying for the top spot at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Amazon MGM reports a $7.4 million haul for “The Beekeeper” from 3,337 theaters in its third weekend, while Paramount contends that the “Mean Girls” musical has garnered $7.3 million from 3,544 venues, potentially securing its third weekend victory. The final numbers, to be tabulated on Monday, will reveal the winner, with the football schedule potentially impacting “The Beekeeper’s” audience.

This box office competition occurs amidst a lackluster period, marking the second consecutive weekend without a major studio release. January concludes with a subdued tone, with upcoming releases like spy comedy “Argylle” (from Apple and Universal) on Feb. 2 and the anticipation for moviegoing to pick up with Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two” in March.

According to David A. Gross, head of the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, the first half of 2024 is expected to be uneven due to the recent actors’ strike. Industry experts anticipate a gradual return of audiences and a more robust release schedule over time.

Regardless of the final outcome, Paramount’s decision to release “Mean Girls” on the big screen instead of directly on Paramount+ appears financially sound. The movie-musical adaptation has earned $60.8 million in North America and $84.3 million globally, surpassing its modest $36 million budget.

In comparison, David Ayer’s action thriller “The Beekeeper,” starring Jason Statham, has grossed $41.6 million in North America and $100 million worldwide. Amazon MGM, holding North American rights, is responsible for the domestic theater booking costs.

Amidst the lack of new major releases, the domestic box office charts remain similar to the previous weekend. “Wonka,” “Migration,” and “Anyone But You” maintain their positions in the top five, showcasing remarkable staying power amidst limited competition.

“Wonka,” in its seventh consecutive weekend in the top three, has grossed over $552 million worldwide, surpassing its $100 million budget. “Migration” crosses the $100 million mark, reaching a global total of $206 million, while the rom-com “Anyone But You” continues to perform well, grossing $71.1 million domestically and $126.6 million worldwide on its $25 million budget.

The Oscar nominations provide a boost to contenders like “Poor Things,” “American Fiction,” and “The Zone of Interest.” “Poor Things,” with 11 Academy Award nods, sees a 32% jump in ticket sales, bringing its global total to $51 million. “The Zone of Interest,” a haunting Holocaust drama, earns $1.08 million on 317 screens, accumulating $3 million to date. “American Fiction,” a literary satire starring Jeffrey Wright, records a 65% boost from the previous weekend, amassing $11.8 million in North America.

In a challenging box office landscape, these films navigate and find success, showcasing resilience and attracting audiences despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

FAQ About Mean Girls vs The Beekeeper

Why is Mean Girls so good?

Mean Girls” resonates with recognition laughs for students, teachers, and parents, targeting them with timeless satire. The witty writing ensures the humor remains relevant, making it universally relatable.

Who is the nicest girl in Mean Girls?

Karen, among the Plastics, appears kinder, avoiding insults and belittlement. Often portrayed as a quiet presence, she contrasts with Regina’s dominating meanness in public, embodying a subtler role.

Was Mean Girls a hit?

Mean Girls” dominates the box office, earning $24.4 million in its opening weekend. The film secures the top spot with a $8,606 per venue average, showcasing strong audience appeal.

Why is Mean Girls 2 not good?

The film lacks convincing performances and struggles with believability in portraying mature roles for Disney stars. The high school drama feels exaggerated, leaving little justification for its existence beyond capitalizing on the “Mean Girls” brand

What is the plot of The Beekeeper?

A man’s quest for vengeance escalates to a national level when his ties to the secretive organization “Beekeepers” are exposed. The narrative unfolds, aiming to unveil corruption and safeguard the clandestine hive.

Is The Beekeeper a good movie?

In “The Beekeeper,” Statham’s charisma and implausible action sequences shine, though the film doesn’t deviate much from the standard. The entertaining ride involves punishing scummy villains, contributing to its enjoyment

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